20 Funny, Creative & Annoying Ways to Give Money Gifts

Planning to give away money as gifts this year, but don’t want to go with the typical money envelopes? Then, here are a few funny and annoying ways to give money to someone.

Be it graduation, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion, these gifts are definitely going to annoy your giftee.

These money gift ideas are so creative and require almost minimal to no effort, but would give you so many fun memories. So are you excited to annoy your friends and family with these super annoying money gift pranks?

annoying way to give money

Money Puzzle Box


Like the idea of making them work for the money? Then, this maze puzzle box is quite an annoying way to give money to someone. Although it is not very hard to crack the code, it may take some time for them to solve the puzzle for the first time.

This puzzle box would keep the thrill going for the money and would equally annoy your giftee. Not only is this a perfect way to give money to both adults and kids, but a cool way to store their money as well.

annoying way to give money

100 Zip Ties Gift Wrap


For this one, you must place the money inside a gift box and wrap it with 100 zip ties. You can add some pebbles or empty the money to make it seem heavier and not easy to guess.

Be sure to mention the “No Tools” rule before you give them this money gift. Even if they don’t play fair, cutting up 100 zip ties would be annoying before they get their hands on their money.

Annoying Ways to Give Money

Money-Money Soap Bar: Annoying Ways to Give Money


If you are really dedicated to making this money gift as annoying as you can, then this idea is for you. All you need to do is wrap the money you want to gift with clear food wrap or contact paper. Next, place this money in the center while making a block of soap. You can ever consider buying it online.

Use a translucent medium to make the soap so that the money is visible and would annoy your giftee when they open their gift. But, if you want you can also use an opaque medium. That way, they would first be annoyed and then surprised by this money gift.

annoying way to give money

Evil Geocaching


Geocaching could be one of the most fun yet, annoying ways to gift money to someone. Most kids would love to go on a treasure hunt and find their annoying money gifts. You can arrange tiny clues and hide any denominations of your gift money around the house or in a park near you.

It would be a fun activity for both you and your giftee. To make geocaching annoying for them, hide insignificant things on some destinations or tell them that there are more destinations than there really are!

Cold Hard Cash


Did they ask you for cold hard cash this year? So that’s what they will get. Carefully keep your money in a zip bag and drop it in a bowl half-filled with ice. Be sure to add a few pennies or coins with bills so that the money won’t float. Add more water into the bowl and let it freeze. Take the bowl out only when it’s gift time. Otherwise, the money ice block may start to melt.

You can instantly see the joy on their face as soon as they get their money gift😂. They can’t break or drill through the ice as it can damage the money, so all they can do is wait and enjoy their annoying money gift.

Annoying Ways to Give Money

A Jar of Loose Change


So they will get the money but not the easy way. Here is one of the most annoying ways to give money. Decide how much money you want to give, and then get that amount in $1 coins or bills. Fill a jar with this money and gift it to them in a nice gift box.

Surely the box would be heavy and would only add to their anticipation. But when they open it, they would be both amused and annoyed on receiving this money gift. For kids, you can even consider this digital counting money jar as a cool money gift.

Stinky Money


This would be one of the evilest and most annoying ways to give money as a gift. So much so, that they would rather wish you wouldn’t have given them any. Just before giving them their money, spray the inside of the envelope or gift box with this horrible-smelling fart spray.

Maybe this would be one of the most annoying money gifts they would have ever received, but the fun would definitely be worth it.

Money-Filled Balloons


Filling up money in balloons does not seem such an annoying way to give money to someone. All the more, it seems quite fun to pop some balloons and get some cash for it. But here’s the twist, there won’t be just cash in the balloons. Fill the balloons with rolled-up money bills and a lot of glitter and confetti.

So when they pop the balloons for some sweet cash, there would be glitter and confetti all over the place, which would take hours for them to clean.

Butterfly Prank or Jump Scare Boxes


For this one, place the money into a box filled with these prank butterflies. Be sure to wind up these butterflies properly and use a smaller box for the best effect. You can also keep the money or a gift card inside a book that they would never want to read and then put these winded butterflies between different pages. It would be an absolute surprise when they’ll flip through the book.

You can even use spider jump scare boxes for this money prank.

Money Ball: Saran Wrap Style


Saran Wrap Ball game is quite a popular game during Christmas and in family gatherings. The ball contains several gifts that are unwrapped while the ball is passed around the table. A saran ball can also be used as an annoying way to give money to someone. Wrap most of the money at the center of the ball and add other coins or dollar bills in the outer layers. You can also throw in other things like chocolate, candies, gift cards, and little trinkets to make it more fun and annoying.

Only when someone unwraps all the way through to the center of the ball, they would get their hands on the real money.

Super Glue Sealed Box


Annoy them with the legendary superglue prank as an irritating way to give money. Seal their gift box with some super glue and then chaste them for being unable to open the box. Nothing would be more annoying than being unable to use the money when it is right in front of you.

You can even do this with the money jar gift to make it even more annoying for them.

Cockroaches Money Gift Prank: Funny Ways to Give Money


As an annoying way to give money to someone, you can play a money gift prank on them. Stuff their envelope or gift box with fake cockroaches and enjoy the thrill when they open their money gift.

You can even use these scuttling cockroaches to make this prank an even more creepy and fun gift.

Mix Up with Fake Money


Sneak in your real dollar bills in a bunch of fake money bundles and enjoy the fun. As soon as they open their money gift, they would be delighted to find so much cash. But only later would they find out about the joke.

You can tell them that there are more real dollars than there really are. This way, they would spend a little more annoying time finding those last few dollars and end up in disdain.

Edible 100 Dollar Bill Fake Money


If you plan to bake a cake for a special occasion, this is a great way to give them a money gift. Hide your money inside the cake with this money cake pull-out kit and decorate the cake with these edible 100-dollar bills.

This would be one of those fantastic money gifts that they would never forget.

Money Sneaked within Snack Boxes & Gag Gift Boxes


If you are not a kid, getting a snack box as a gift could be really annoying and disappointing. But what if the snack box is actually filled with money? Hollow out some snack boxes from the bottom using a side-opening can opener, then sneak in some money into it. Carefully glue the bottom back to the can, and you have got your annoying and funny money gift.

Creative Money Gifts for Everyone

Here are a few more creative ways to give money gifts that you should definitely try. You can either buy these gifts right off the shelf or go all DIY to add a special and personal touch to the gifts.

Personalized Money Gift Box


Giving money in a straight-up envelope feels bland. To spice things up, get this personalized money box filled with roses and confetti. Be it a birthday or graduation, this box can be customized for every occasion and has multiple color and sizing options. All you would need to do is fill it with money and it is ready to make their occasion super special.

Money-Filled Christmas Tree Ornament


This is a fantastic idea if you want to give them a monetary gift for Christmas. You can easily find Christmas ornaments in stores that can be refilled with money or Christmas trinkets.

You can decorate the Christmas tree with these money-filled tree ornaments and put a name in it for each family member. You can also gift this as a stocking stuffer for someone who just wants cash for Christmas.

Money-Filled Christmas Tree Ornament


For this creative money gift, fill a medium-sized glass vase with pebbles and insert a few twigs and branches in it. Now you can either tie the money to the branches with ribbons or clip it using wooden clips.

You can also decorate the tree with lights and decorative trinkets to make it look fancier. The best thing is that this DIY money gift is quite easy to make at home and would amp up your simple money gift.

Money-Filled Zen Garden


Make creative zen gardens loaded with money as a funny way to give money to someone. You can decorate a zen garden with simple money origami crafts like this umbrella and beach chair. Throw in some sand and pebbles to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Like all other zen gardens, this money zen garden would definitely help them relax and have fun!

Money-Chocolate Box


Replacing chocolates with cash is a cool way to elevate your money gift game. And it is surely much better than just gifting a money envelope. Fold the money bills in different shapes and exchange some chocolates in the box with these dollar bills. You can also place some coins along with money to keep it in place. An easy-to-make chocolaty money gift that both kids and adults would enjoy.

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