27 Amazing Mexican Gifts and Souvenirs For Mexico Lovers

Mexican gifts are not always easy to find especially when you are not so well acquainted with the Mexican culture. Although there are many options available both online and offline, it is still a task to choose a meaningful gift for a Mexican aficionado. Here is a list of some of the most amazing Mexican gifts that would wow them and not only bring a smile to their face but also impress them with your thoughtfulness.

Mexican Gifts

Authentic Hand Woven Premium Mexican Blanket


A multicolored hand-woven Mexican blanket to add a splash of vibrant colors and coziness to any corner of their home.

Anyone who has visited Mexico knows how quickly temperatures can plunge during the nights. Maybe they will carry this lightweight and cozy Mexican blanket when they visit Mexico the next time.

Mexican Gifts For Mexican Lovers

Funny Tacosauras Rex Taco Stand For Taco Lovers


Make their Taco Tuesdays even more fun with this Tacosauras taco holder. It’s a great fun toy for kids to enjoy snack time and a novelty gift that even adults would dig on. The tacosauras-rex can hold up to two taco wraps and would be a fun way to serve snacks at a Mexican party.

Pair it up with Nachosauras and Weeniesaurus burrito holder and you have got some of the best Mexican gifts to rock the party.

Mexican Gifts

Blue Ribbon Impressions 16-Piece Handblown Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set


A set of handblown glass tumblers for those scorching summer days when they are looking to have that chilling drink of the day. Not only handblown pieces of art are great Mexican souvenirs, but they would also make wonderful Mexican gifts.

Surprise them with this set of Instagram-worthy tumbler and rock glass set on any occasion, and you wouldn’t see the end of their Instagram stories for at least a couple of days.

Mexican Gifts

Ceramic Chilli Shaped Salsa Bowl With Spoon


This cute chilly-shaped salsa bowl because we all know how important salsa is to Mexicans, and some great Mexican dishes are never complete without a bowl of salsa. Not only is it a great piece of dinnerware, but it would also add some fun to their dining tables.

A great piece of stocking-stuffer for your Mexican friend, who is crazy about spicy Mexican food. Great for serving homemade salsa and pico de gallo, dips, and party foods.

Mexican Gifts

Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skull Home D├ęcor


A cool and fancy sugar skull home decor to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos or The day of the dead. This day holds immense importance in Mexican culture, as they remember and welcome back the souls of their deceased family members.

This sugar skull wine holder is quite sturdy and can be used as Dia de Los Muertos decor or simply as home decor.

Mexican Gifts

Pati’s Mexican Table: The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking


Mexican food is famous all around the world, and most probably, your Mexico-obsessed friend keeps on ordering Mexican food.

Gift them Pati’s Mexican Table so even they can learn the secret of real Mexican home cooking. The cookbook has a range of delicious and healthy Mexican recipes that a food lover would not be able to resist.

Multifunctional Victoria Tortilla Press Tortilla Maker


All Mexican food lovers would want to have this multifunctional tortilla maker. This would probably be their secret weapon when they choose to make those amazing Mexican recipes.

With this tortilla press, they would be able to make the perfect tortilla base for tacos, burritos, chilaquiles, and many more tasty Mexican dishes.

Mortar and Pestle Molcajete Set With Anti-Scratch Protector


For all avocado lovers, this would be something they would highly appreciate. Not only would it help them make their grind for perfect guacamole easier, but would also make their cooking time a lot more fun.

With an unpolished organic finish, this mortar pestle does a great job to enhance the flavors of the food while diminishing the unwanted tastes and odors.

Mexican Gifts

Double-Sided Tortilla Blanket for Adults and Kids – Funny Mexican Gifts


A cozy tortilla blanket that is sure to win a Mexican’s heart. If you can’t decide what to gift your Mexican friend this could be your go-to Mexican gift. There wouldn’t be a day when they would not want to snuggle-in in this cozy taco and sleep like a baby.

Designed with great detail, this blanket is highly convincing and can be taken for a giant taco roll. As it is highly compact it can be a great gift for people who love to travel.

Mexican Talavera Pottery – Ceramic Succulent Planter for Plants with Drainage


This Mexican Talavera planter would instantly add a splash of color to their lovely garden. Designed with great care by the Talavera artisans from Mexico, this Mexican gift would be deeply adored by your Mexican friends and plant lovers.

Talavera pottery is one of the famous arts of Mexico that would make great Mexican gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. The planter also comes along with a pre-drilled drainage hole and a tray which makes it more convenient to water plants.

Mexican gift

Traditional Mexican Women Slippers – Huaraches


A pair of traditional Mexican huaraches that are super comfy and look quite chic and elegant. These slippers are traditionally made from leather and sewn together in an artistic pattern thus giving it a stunning boho look. Pair them with either traditional Mexican or modern attires, and they would perfectly blend in giving you an effortlessly chic.

Beat the summer heat with these elegant Mexican slippers, and always be on edge with the latest fashion trends. This could also be a great quinceanera gift.

Disney Pixar Coco Dante Mexican Alebrije Feature Plush


Alebrijes are a big hit in Mexico, representing the rich and colorful culture of Mexico. The word Alebrije means fictional or imaginary creatures. And if you are a Disney fan, you may recall this dog from the movie Coco.

This Mexican-themed plushie is an awesome Mexican gift for the kids and the kids at heart because they are never too old to cuddle into a plushie.

Mexican Sombrero Fiesta Glasses


Going to a Mexican-themed party and wondering what to gift your Mexico lover host? Well, these Mexican Sombrero Party Shades are super fun and would make a great party prop for your host.

These glasses are quite comfy to wear and offer 100% UV protection. This would also be a great gift for Mexican cosplayers along with a fun Mexican sombrero.

Traditional Wooden Mexican Santa Nutcracker – Christmas Mexican Gifts


Make their Christmas even merrier with this Mexican Santa figurine. Dressed handsomely in a red-green poncho and a sombrero, this cute Santa figurine is ready to raise everybody’s Christmas spirits.

This wooden nutcracker would perfectly blend in with Mexican Christmas decorations. Simply pair it up with beautiful Mexican Christmas tree ornaments, and they would make perfect Mexican Christmas gifts.

Mexican-Themed 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Kitchen and Dining


This Mexican gift is for when they plan to host that most awaited Mexican dinner party. Adorned with amazingly elaborate traditional Mexican patterns, this 16 piece dinnerware set is one of those high-end Mexican gifts that would be a hit among their guests.

Apart from the aesthetics of the dinnerware, the ceramics are easy to clean and microwave safe thus making them perfect for daily use.

Organic Mexicano Disc Vegan Dark Chocolate


A pack of Mexican dark chocolate cause we all are a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate. You most definitely can’t go wrong on this one. Be it any occasion chocolates are always appreciated, and you’d earn some extra points for this vegan Mexican chocolate.

If you’re dating a Mexican and don’t know what to gift them then, surprise them with this pack of Mexican dark chocolate. This is one of those charming gifts for boyfriends or girlfriends.

Mexico Lindo Red Habanero Hot Sauce -Real Red Habanero Chili Pepper Sauce


When they are whipping up their favorite Mexican dishes, this Mexico Lindo red habanero hot sauce would add that missing spiciness that they are looking for in their dish.

Loaded with real red habanero, this hot sauce can give that Mexican touch to any meal. Gift them a pack of 12 red chili pepper hot sauces so they can calm their cravings for spicy food.

Floral Hand Embroidered Mexican Dress


A great summer dress with vibrant colors and intricate embroidered designs that would raise her summer spirit. With this floral hand-embroidered Mexican dress, she would rock any Mexican-themed party they host or attend.

Besides being super comfy and elegant, this dress is also one of those unexpected Mexican gifts that would really surprise a Mexico Lover.

Coke De Mexico (Pack of 4)- Mexican Gifts For The Mexico Obsessed


Well, you may think what’s so special with Coca-Cola? After all, it’s just coke. Well, if you ask any Mexican or someone who has tasted a Mexican Coca-Cola, you’ll know how well they treat Coke. For Mexicans, Coca-Cola is like holy water.

So the next time a Mexican invites you for lunch, bring them a pack of Mexican Coca-Cola like this one.

Traditional Native Mexican Style Rug


Give their home a fancy overhaul with this multicolored traditional Mexican-style rug. Beautifully designed with vibrant colors and detailed traditional patterns, this rug would add a lavish Mexican touch to any part of their home.

Moreover, the rug is machine washable so it would be low maintenance and easy to care for. Also, it is available in different sizes and color options.

Mexico Homesick Scented Candle


A candle that they can light up whenever they miss Mexico. Infused with Mexican scents, this candle would take them to their happy place and make them remember those treasured moments they spent in Mexico.

Made to last for up to 60-80 hours and evoke those beautiful nostalgic memories with the scents of smoked birch and caraway along with other Mexican spices. This is one of those Mexican gifts that would always make them cherish Mexico.

Cantaritos de Barro – Set of 2 Mexican Cocktail Glasses


Make their cocktails taste even better with this piece of Mexican pottery, which is among the most infamous Mexican artwork. This set of earthen cocktail mugs would enhance the flavor of any cocktail or drink.

These clay pots are more commonly known as Cantaritos and are traditionally used to serve guests a strong mix of tequila, lime, and fizzy grapefruit soda.

Mexican Tortilla Wrap Novelty Socks


Mexican tortilla wraps are always fun for a Mexican foodie, but these socks would take the fun and the gags to another level. Be it a white elephant party or a chance to have a few gags with friends and colleagues, these socks would never fail to entertain.

Being one of the most realistic-looking and funny tortilla socks, this Mexican gift is sure to earn you some points with your Mexican-loving friend.

Sterling Silver Taxco Earrings From Mexico 


A pair of earrings that would remind them of the Mexican tribal art. This piece of jewelry is inspired by the Taxco tribe of Mexico and makes quite a statement with its oxidized rustic look. Moreover, it perfectly pairs up with a Mexican outfit or any other ethnic attire.

Give your Mexico-obsessed friend a taste of Mexican fashion with this sterling silver Mexican gift that is a representation of Mexico in its innate sense.

Mexica Aztec Maya Solar Sun Gods and Goddesses Calendar Jewelry Box 


A cute little jewelry box intricately designed with an Aztec Mayan calendar theme to store their most precious pieces of jewelry. This wooden box is sculpted to vividly depict the Aztec or Mexica calendar, which was anciently used by Mexicans.

The detailed design and the rustic white paint make it look like a valued ancient artifact extracted from an archaeological site.

Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case 


A set of Frida Kahlo-inspired throw pillowcases for Mexican art lovers and Frida Kahlo admirers. Adorned with beautiful abstract patterns and Frida’s self-portrait these pillowcases would be a wonderful piece of Mexican art to lighten up a room.

Like the artist’s paintings, these pillowcases are also inspired by the rich culture of Mexico. A clear depiction of the Mexican way of life of which is full of enthusiasm and vibrant colors.

Novelty First-aid Taco Bandages – Funny Mexican Gifts


Looking for a funny Mexican gift for your friends or family? Then this taco bandage would be a great gag gift for them. These bandaids are not only cute, but they would also earn them loads of laughs. Exactly what they would need after an injury.

The pack contains 24 self-adhesive bandages and is available in other varieties. Also a great gift for medical students or medical professionals.

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