Best 30+ DIY handmade gifts for boyfriend

Want to gift your boyfriend something that feels more personal and creative. From handmade gifts for your boyfriend on an anniversary to personalized birthday gifts, here is a curated list of handmade gifts for every occasion that you can give him to make him feel super special.

DIY Wallet Note

A personal wallet note that reminds him of how special he is. Secretly slip this note into his wallet and watch his heart melt.

What would you need – 

  • A piece of paper. 
  • A heartwarming message from you. 

Photo wheel

This cute little photo wheel with his favorite memories is sure to take him down nostalgic memory lane. This may take some time to make but the effort is completely worth his smile. Here’s a tutorial you can follow on how how to make this:

What would you need – 

  • Ice cream sticks.
  • Your favorite photos of you and your boyfriend.
  • Glue 

DIY candle

Scented candles are magical and lighting up this one would feel even more magical to him. Make him a super cute candle with his favorite scent and personalize it with a photo that would make him smile(yours😉!!). 

Tip: Place the photo on the inside of the jar and secure it with transparent tape so that the wax wouldn’t be able to spoil it.

What would you need – 

  • Candle kit
  • A jar
  • His favorite scent
  • Your favorite image

Adventure Box

A keep safe for all the adventures that you both had and many more you will have. Gift your boyfriend these sweet experiences and memories wrapped in a personalized adventure box that he would cherish for the rest of his life. 

Tip: You can even use this as a safe to save up for your upcoming adventures.

What would you need – 

DIY painted rocks

These hand-painted rocks with cute and funny messages are bound to make him smile whenever he sees them.

You can either write a funny message or paint your boyfriend’s favorite movie character on these tiny rocks. 

What would you need – 

Diy Neon Sign

Neon signs can be expensive but why buy them when you can make your own?

This cute neon sign can be easily personalized and make a beautiful addition to your boyfriend’s room. He would constantly be reminded of you whenever he would light it up.  

What would you need –

Open when envelopes

Open when envelopes are quite fun to make but even more fun to open. There’s a letter for every emotion he’s going through.

Whether he is feeling down or feeling like giving up or just missing you badly, your letters would be there to cheer him up.

This is a great way to brighten his day even when you’re not around. 

What would you need:

I’d choose you – Homemade pizza

Handmade gifts for boyfriend

Your boyfriend would have never thought that a pizza could get him all teary.

But this pokemon-themed pizza would prove him wrong. Make him this super delicious pizza with this adorable note from you.

  What would you need –

5 senses gift box – Handmade Gifts for boyfriend

Let him know that you love him with all your senses.

Wrap up something handmade like DIY candles, bath bombs, favorite music, movies, chocolates, and something for every sense.

This is your chance for lots of creativity and to spoil him with your handmade gifts.

What would you need –

  • A gift for every sense.
  • Some love.

You’re my world – A DIY gift for boyfriend

Handmade gifts for boyfriend

He means the world to you and he ought to know that.

This cute little handmade message bottle from you would make him realize how much he means to you.

Plus this could be a beautiful last-minute gift for your boyfriend that is really easy to make.

What would you need-

Handmade Birthday card for boyfriend

This birthday card is both charming and hilarious. This card is bound to make him smile whenever he sees it.

Gift him this thorny corny birthday card and have a great laugh together.

What would you need –

  • A card paper
  • Some color pens

Handmade Valentine Gifts For BF

DIY Collage

This valentine’s gift this wonderful heart-shaped collage to your special boyfriend. This is super easy to make.

Just print out your favorite pictures and arrange them in the shape of a heart.

Cut out the extra cardboard and attach rice lights around the collage. 

Tip: It would be easier to arrange the pictures if they are all of the same sizes.

What would you need –

DIY String Art

This string art is a great DIY Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend and it’s really easy to make.

Print the pattern on a piece of paper that you want to turn into string art. Secure the edges of the paper to the wooden board with the help of cello tape. 

Start hammering the nails along the edges of the pattern and remove the paper carefully without knocking out the nails.

Now wind those colorful strings around those nails and your string art is ready!!. 

What would you need –

  • A block of wood
  • Nails
  • Hammer

Try a string art kit.

DIY Candy card for him

What’s better than a card that he could enjoy with both his heart and his tummy?

This candy card is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who doesn’t like cheesy but chocolaty gifts.

What would you need –

  • Color papers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Chocolates
  • A chart sheet

Donut Box

Brighten up his day with this donut box and an endearing message. Put together all his favorite donuts in a box and surprise him with this special treat.

What would you need –

  • Donuts
  • A sweet message from you

Handmade Valentine’s Day Calendar

Gift him this gorgeous handmade Valentine’s Day calendar and ask him to be your Valentine for his entire life, I don’t think he would be able to say no to this one. 

What would you need –

  • Color papers
  • An A4 size white sheet
  • Pens
  • A pair of scissors

Handmade Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

DIY Photo Lamp

Turn any boring lamp into this creative DIY personalized handmade gift for your boyfriend.

Wrap your favorite moments around a lampshade and walla you have got an amazing DIY lamp that you can gift your special loved one.

What would you need –

  • A lampshade
  • Pictures in black and white
  • Glue
Handmade gifts for boyfriend

Resin Fridge Magnets

Handmade gifts for boyfriend

These cool resin fridge magnets can be made out of your favorite memories with your boyfriend and his favorite family pictures.

Print out these pictures on paper and make sure they are the size of the crystals.

Now carefully stick the crystal over them with clear glue. Cut out the remaining part of the images and tidy them up before sticking magnets at the back.

And your cute little DIY magnets are ready. 

What would you need –

Birthday Box

Surprise your boyfriend with this special birthday box and make his birthday as unforgettable as you are.

Fill this box with his favorite snacks, a handmade birthday card, scented candles, a sleep mask, dry fruits, DIY bath bombs, pictures of your adventures together, and a slight sprinkle of your love.   

What would you need –

  • A box
  • Few of his favorite things
  • Some decorations
Handmade gifts for boyfriend

Handmade Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend

First Anniversary

Handmade gifts for boyfriend

Gift him this handmade first anniversary card over your special anniversary dinner.

This is quite a simple and elegant DIY card. You can write a lovely message on the inside of the card along with your favorite photos.

What would you need –

  • A black sheet
  • A white pen

DIY Jar – Handmade Anniversary Gifts For BF

Gift him this happy one year jar filled with all the reasons that you love him, things that you would love to do together with him, and all the “remember when..” moments you had with him. 

What would you need –

  • Color papers
  • A mason jar
  • Pens

Memory tree

Here is a DIY memory tree gift for your boyfriend that he would absolutely love.

This cute memory tree is really easy to make and a super adorable gift for your boyfriend.

Just put a few twigs in a vase filled with tiny stones and add his favorite photos to the branches with these cute little wooden clips with hearts.

What would you need

  • A glass vase
  • Some twigs
  • Pictures
  • Tiny stones
  • Wooden clips

Handmade Bookmarks for Him

If he is a book lover he would really like these handmade bookmarks as a gift.

Make him his favorite fictional character inspired paperclips that he can use as bookmarks.

You can even gift him a book that he has been wanting to read from a long time with these bookmarks inserted.

What would you need –

  • Paper clips
  • Color papers
  • Scissors

Long Distance Handmade Gifts For Boyfriend

Punch Box 

For all his bad days when you can’t be with him this punch box would be an amazing gift for him.

Whenever he’s feeling low he can punch a box and enjoy a sweet message or a handmade gift from you.

What would you need –

    Long-distance map

    It’s hard to have a long-distance relationship but, no matter how far you are from him your love would always keep you close and together.

    This long-distance map reveals exactly that. Send him your love with this easy to make long-distance watercolor map. 

    What would you need:

      You suck – Adorable card

      At first sight, this card might feel a bit offensive but a moment later you’ll get the fun.

      Send your boyfriend this super cute “you suck” handmade card and let him know how much he means to you.

      What would you need:

      • A piece of cardboard
      • Glitter pens
      • A heart-shaped candy


      When he is away the most precious thing that he would be missing would be your warm hugs. Send your boyfriend this pillow as a gift so that he can give it a hug whenever he misses you.

      What would you need –

      • A pillow
      • A marker

      Handmade gifts for boyfriend – I’m yours card

      Let him know that he’s into this forever with you and there’s no getting out of it. 

      And I am sure he would be sorry about that news.

      What would you need –

      • Some white sheets
      • Sketch pens

      Snickers dumbbell

      This handmade gift from you would definitely get him excited about working out.

      More so, he would never get tired of working out with this funny dumbbell made out of snickers.

      A word of caution: He might try and eat it😂.

      What would you need –

        Funny handmade cards for boyfriend

        Personalized gifts for boyfriend

        Photo Album

        This photo book from Artifact Uprising is absolutely whimsical and elegant.

        I am sure you two have some lovely memories that you would want to preserve.

        The quality of the photos and the pages is exceptional. Gift your boyfriend this customizes memory book that he would always cherish.

        Custom photo

        Turn a cherished memory into a customized night lamp that he would never want to turn off.

        This whimsical night lamp comes in various colors and Bluetooth app control with music playback.

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