19 Unique Just Because Gifts for Him to Catch Him Off Guard

If you are looking for the coolest just because gifts for him that wouldn’t fail to surprise him, then you are at the right place. Ranging from tech gifts to gifts that he really needs, this list has some of the best just because gifts for him. Whether you want to pamper him with flowers and care packages or surprise him with a thoughtful gift that shows him you care, you are sure to find something on this list for him.

Bond Touch Long Distance Connection Bracelets – Pair of Two


Even when he is not around, you can still feel the warmth of his soft touch with this bond touch bracelet. A great just because gift for him that even you would enjoy. Love transcends all barriers, so whenever you want to send him your love, no matter where he is, your touch would reach him, and his bracelet would light up with your chosen color

For the times when he is away for long, this pair of bond touch bracelets would make you feel like he is close by.

Personalized Engraved Metal Wallet Card – Just Because Gifts for Him


A sweet little note that mysteriously pops up in his wallet or in a book he is currently reading would certainly be a charming surprise. The fun of astonishing him with something completely unexpected is the true purpose of a just because gift, which this engraved metal card would certainly fulfill.

Unlike a paper note, this metal card wouldn’t be so easily destroyed and can be savored as a keepsake. And who knows? Maybe it will secure a place in his wallet alongside your picture.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Countertop Oven


Give his tastebuds a taste of what real hot sauce tastes like with this trio of Truff’s hot sauce pack. He can always mix and match these sauces to reach the ideal mark on his spiciness meter. For the one who really likes to spice it up, this hot sauce combo pack would be a real deal. The ingredients used in this hot sauce are all vegan and are sourced from Mexico, which is infamously praised for its spicy Mexican food.

DIY Keepsake Hands Casting Kit


This is more of a just because day activity you two could enjoy doing together, and what’s even more fun is that you would end up with a heartwarming just because gift that he’ll forever cherish. A beautiful DIY keepsake, that just like your relationship, would require love and patience to build and also depicts the strong bond you share. You both can try and experiment with this hand casting kit and come up with your version of this hand sculpture.

If you liked this DIY idea, then here is a list of DIY gifts for him you can look at.

Just Because Gifts for Him

Customized Bobblehead Figurine: Just Because Gifts for Him


Surprise him with something that is both fun and sentimental. A customized bobblehead figurine that highlights his dainty and handsome features quite realistically. The figurine can be easily customized just for him or both of you together. What’s great is that, that the bobblehead captures all the little unique peculiarities and fine details about a captured memory which makes it feel all the more special.

Just Because Gifts for Him

I Still Do Leather Keychain: Just Because Gifts for Him


A sweet reminder of your love that he’ll carry around with him wherever he goes. Engraved on a leather keyring, with a simplistic font, the quote “I still do” would do all the magic needed to bring that precious smile to his face. You can even get one that is personalized with his name and multiple color options.

Just Because Gifts for Him

Hobby Mugs: Just

Shelly Klein

He most probably has a hobby he is crazy about. Brighten up his day with this personalized coffee mug that he can take a sip from while enjoying his hobby. You can also find hobby tumblers with cute illustrations that resemble him closely and are customized with his name and year of birth on the back of the cup.

Just Because Gifts for Him

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses: Set of 4


If he is a tequila lover, this set of Himalayan salt glasses would certainly enhance his experience while adding a twist to his favorite drink with a salty flavor. Carved from organic Himalayan salt, these glasses are antibacterial. So, you wouldn’t end up with a pile of utensils to clean after the party is over. Just wipe them clean and you’re done!

Personalized Color Series Photo Book


Some memories are like wine. The older they get, the more you relish them. Surprise him with these customized photo books that celebrate his beautiful adventures and memories with his loved ones. Pick from a wide range of vibrant colors and customization options available for your photobook.

Any special occasion or not, he would deeply cherish this just because gift that is unique to him.

Silicone Popcorn Popper Maker


For the times when he is all set for Netflix and chill, this popcorn popper would be all that he is missing. Whether he wants to enjoy a football match with his friends or a cozy movie date at home with you, this popcorn popper would add the missing element to every occasion.

Gift it along with a popcorn seasoning set, so he can experiment and enjoy his favorite popcorn flavors and keep his midnight hunger pangs at bay.

Just Because Gifts for Him: Personalized Succulent Home Decor


Want to give him something that will last? This charming first-name initial, decorated with artificial succulents is a great piece of decor. Moreover, it looks so realistic that he would have to do a double-take just to be sure.

Laced with string lights that add a whimsical touch to the personalized artifact, this is a just because gift perfect for any plant or nature lover.

Personalized Leather Shaving & Grooming Kit For Men


A personalized travel bag for the one who likes to travel in style. Ideal to accommodate all his grooming utilities, this Dopp kit is available in brown, light brown, and black color options. Choose from over 6 customization styles and 3 size alternatives. If you want to gift him something functional yet cool and stylish, this personalized grooming kit is your go-to gift.

Pair it up with Philips Norelco multi groom trimmer for beard, and you have got a winning just because gift for him.

Oculus Quest 2: Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset


Even if he is not an avid gamer, this VR headset will turn him into one. Whether he just wants to chill after a long day or dive into a world of gaming that seems as realistic as the real world. The oculus quest offers an immersive gaming experience, but it doesn’t do just that. He can binge watch his favorite movies, attend virtual concerts, and do a lot more fun things that would have been boring otherwise.

High Protein Sampler Snack Box: Healthy Fitness Snacks Care Package for Him


If he is pretty sold out on the concept of healthy snacking, then this healthy snack box packed with gourmet snacks, protein bars & cookies, granola mix, jerky, nuts would be great just because gift for him. Depending on your budget, there are three options available – Fitness Sampler, Fitness Box, Deluxe Fitness Box from which you can pick.

Be it any occasion a healthy variety pack would be a great gift for those who want their cheat meal to be guilt-free.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Countertop Oven


Now he wouldn’t have to wait for someone to deliver his favorite pizza to his doorstep anymore. With this presto rotating pizza oven, he can whip up the most delicious pizza within a few minutes at home. Tagged as #1 Best Seller on Amazon with over 12,000 five-star ratings, this pizza oven is a boon for pizza lovers and that too at a really affordable price.

Frankly, this “just because” gift would be present for both of you.

Guardians of The Galaxy Baby Groot Cute Planter with Drainage


Whether he is a fan of Marvel’s ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ character baby Groot, or just a bit of nature’s admirer, he would love to have this little piece of decor at his desk. He can either use it as a planter, a holder for his essentials, or as a dainty decor piece. Choose from a wide range of Groot figurine planters, that are designed realistically with exceptional detail to mimic the real Groot.

Sweetberry Mixed Flower Bouquet: Just Because Gift for Him


“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.”
— Max Muller

Just to stress the point even further, shower all your love onto him with this Sweetberry mixed flower bouquet. Whether you want to order just once or sign up for a subscription, you can do it all with Bouqs. From wildflowers to mixed flower collections, there is a colossal variety of flowers that you can pick from. And if you wanted a just because gift that could be delivered on the same day, then this flower bouquet would be a great option to consider.

A Pair of Comfy Shoes


Thinking of replacing his worn-out shoes? Make it more fun by adding a cheeky note to the box. This unexpected twist to your just because gift is sure to make him smile, and maybe even blush a little!😉

Pick up his favorite brand of shoes that he prefers or surprise him with this pair of cool and trendy sneakers – Air Jordan 1.

Love Beneath The Red Moon: Ambient Moon Light


There is something about the moon that makes people feel special and reminds them of their loved ones. This under the moon lamp would bring back those romantic memories of taking long walks together and having never-ending conversations under the moon with him.

With a scenic view of a couple gazing at the moon, this moon lamp is sure to remind him of you. The sculpture is touch-sensitive and can be used to adjust the light intensity.

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