45 Best gifts for medical students – Useful and funny gifts for med students

Finding a perfect gift for your medical school student is hard, especially when you want to gift them something unique and useful. Here is a list of some great gifts for medical students that will be not only super useful but quite fun as well.

Clear Frame Square Nerd Eyeglasses Anti Blue Ray


Protect their eyes in style with these fashionable blue light glasses. While studying, medical students tend to continuously spend a lot of time in front of screens. This can cause fatigue and damage to their eyes.

Gift them these cool and elegant blue-light-blocking glasses, which will be super-effective in minimizing the strain on their eyes. The specs are trendy and would easily blend with most of their attires.

Glocusent Rechargeable LED Neck Book Light


Don’t let their long studying hours be interrupted by others. Whether they are sharing a room with an annoying sibling or a roomie, they have to work around the other’s sleeping schedule. But with this neck light, they can keep studying at night without worrying other people. 

This reading neck light can be easily configured to varying light conditions, as it has six different brightness levels. Flexible arms allow focusing the light better while reading with minimal eye strain. 

Bedside Caddy – Useful Medical Student Gifts


Every medical student has so much to handle that it becomes difficult for them to keep their things organized in one place. Eventually, they end up all flustered and short on time. Gift them this bedside caddy so that they can keep all their important stuff close at hand. 

Even after a long night of studying when they wouldn’t want to get out of bed, they can slip off their notes and cell phones in this bedside caddy and doze off to a good night’s sleep. The bag is pretty sturdy and can easily handle the weight of an iPad without gliding off.

Weighted Blanket for Adults


With so much to study and practice, medical students can get quite stressed and worked out. As the burden of studies and the fear of bad grades develops, they might end up sleep-deprived or even insomniac. Gift them this weighted blanket and relieve them from these restless and sleepless nights.

According to Penn medicine, weighted blankets may help reduce some symptoms of anxiety and help people to sleep better.

Hand-Held Portable Travel Garment Steamer


Spending long hours in medical schools practicing and learning, medical students don’t have the time to tidy up and keep their clothes looking all shiny and wrinkle-free. While they do try their best to look presentable, a little bit of convenience would be highly appreciated.

If you want to save them this luxurious time? Then gift them this portable hand-held iron and save them the hustle. 

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels – Unique Gifts For Medical Students


While a few extra hours of sleep is a luxury for medical students, they cannot afford to oversleep on most days of school. And this alarm clock wouldn’t let them. Clocky would jump down their side table after one snooze and wouldn’t stop until they chase it down.

Clocky is a funny gift for medical students who are heavy sleepers and just can’t manage to get out of bed in time.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Eco-Friendly Notebook


In this era of technology, most students take notes on their iPad or simply borrow notes from someone else. But still, some med students like the feel of taking down notes in the traditional old school way – using a notebook and a pen.

Rocketbook smart reusable notebook is a perfect blend of technology and traditional note-taking. After taking down the notes, students can upload them to the cloud and wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth. Gift a medical student this notebook, and this would probably be the last notebook they would ever need.

72 Funny Adulting & Achievement Stickers


Life can get pretty monotonous for med students, and at times they may feel the fun eluding from their life. Gift them a pack of these funny achievement stickers so that adulting wouldn’t feel so hard. 

Medical students would find these stickers super funny and would cheer them up when they achieve a task. 

Pandemic Board Game


When they are looking to take a short break from studies and have some fun, this game would have their back.

Playing a game with their friends would help them to take their minds off of the books and spend some quality time with loved ones.

Help them beat the stress with this legendary board game. 

Funny Medical Student Gifts Coffee Cup


This funny mug is oh-so-relatable for all the medical students out there. This cup would make a great gift for medical students who are either aspiring to become a doctor or have graduated from med school.

Make their morning coffee fun and refreshing with this mug.

FriXion Ball Erasable & Refillable Gel Ink Stick Pens


Many medical students use color pens to take notes much more effectively. It helps them to skim through notes during exams and review all the important points. Gift them a pack of these erasable colored pens so that they can be more efficient in taking notes. 

These can be used on the Rocketbook Notebook as well.

Christmas Gift Basket With Wisconsin Cheeses and Unique Sausages


A gift basket for Christmas that feels like home is all they would want as a gift when they are away from home.

Packed with mouth-watering snacks and treats, this Christmas gift basket would please any medical student.

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum


No one likes cleaning up after a long stressful day at school or work. And especially our medical students would definitely appreciate having some help. With this robot vacuum, they will return to a clean and tidy house with dust-free floors.

From now on, they wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess and could spend some more time relaxing or studying. This is one of the best useful gifts for medical students.

K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker


With long hours of studying and medical training, med students are bound to need a cup of coffee to keep themselves energized and get through the day. With this coffee maker, they can get their favorite cup of latte or cappuccino without much hassle while also saving their valuable time.

With this coffee maker, you can give them a great head start on the busy mornings that they are going to have in med school. Compatible with all K-Cup pods and dishwasher safe frother, this coffee maker would be a useful gift for medical students

gifts for medical students

Fully Custom Bobblehead Figurine Personalized Gifts For Medical Students


A cool bobblehead figure that is both funny and adorable would definitely light up the room with a smile when they open this present.

People love bobblehead figures but their own bobblehead would be quite an unexpected and unique gift. 

Apart from being a cool addition to their study desk or room decor, this customized bobblehead would always remind them of what they are aiming for and how much it means to them.

New Apple iPad


iPads are recommended by most medical students as a boon. It is not a necessity, but investing in a good iPad would go a long way. From taking notes to replaying important lectures, everything is a bit more convenient on an iPad. 

Instead of buying a hardcover book, most students prefer to buy a kindle version, as carrying an iPad is much easier than carrying around a load of books

A Pair of Comfy Sneakers for Medical Students


Gift them a pair of comfy shoes for all the days that they would be running around in med school from lecture to lecture and attending medical tests.

If you want to give them something valuable, a great pair of shoes that goes a long way would be truly a useful gift for medical students in med school.

This gift would be something they can instantly picture themselves using and would appreciate your thoughtfulness.

gifts for medical students

Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones


For all the times they need to zone out from the hustle-bustle of the crowd and relax or focus on a task at hand, these headphones are a fabulous gift.

With 30-hour battery life and touch sensor control, this is one of the best headphones you can gift at an affordable price.

Best Doctor Ever Doctor Coffee Mug – Graduation Gifts for Medical Students


Why gift them a bland and dull coffee mug when you can give them this impressive one.

This handmade coffee mug is super cute and thoughtful and would surprise any medical student who is going to graduate soon.

As it is a customized mug, it would feel pretty unique and thoughtful on your part.

Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger


Now they would not have to worry about making sure if their phone is charged before leaving home. With a good-quality power bank, they can always be on the go.

This Anker 13000mAh power bank is compact so that it can be easily carried around in a pocket while offering enough power to keep them going on for days. The matte finish look allows for a better grip and PowerIQ ensures intelligent high-speed charging for all devices.

Gray’s Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice


Medical students are always eager to learn, and receiving a knowledgeable book like this one will surely light up their eyes. Most students think that anatomy is a hard subject but with the most definitive and comprehensive reference on the subject, they will have a more effective learning experience.

The book is available on Kindle as well for students who like to carry their books on iPad or laptop and have access to their books no matter where they are.

Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy


Why gift a med student something mediocre when they are on their way to great things? Aromatherapy is known to enhance both physical and mental health and is an all-natural way to improve emotional health. Medical students and residents spend most of their time shadowing doctors and training in med school. Hence there is very little time for them to relax and take good care of themselves.

Gift them this aromatically pleasing essential oil diffuser so that they can bust their daily stress and relax with one of the luxurious gifts for medical students.

16GB Medical Student Pendrive


A gift for med school students that is both funny and practical. This cute medical student pen drive is available in multiple colors and would be a great stocking stuffer for any medical student.

This would be a handy gift that a med school student could use to share notes or taped video lectures with friends.

Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug


A pair of auto seal vacuum insulated travel mugs would be a great gift for medical students who want to manage their time effectively and sip their hot coffee while they commute to med school.

Multitasking becomes an essential part of every medical student’s life and sometimes they might miss on some things. Let it not be their hot cup of coffee or a cool refreshing drink on hot summer days. Gift them a pair of Contigo travel mugs so that they can keep their drinks at the temperature they would like them to be.

Desk Accessory Holder
Funny Gifts For Medical Students


What’s better than this funny desk organizer to tidy up someone’s study/work desk? Add a pinch of humor to their study desk while helping them stay organized with this funny piece of office supplies.

It can accommodate everything from a tape dispenser to sticky pads, paper clips, and pens.
This item would be a funny and useful gift for medical students.

New Apple Watch Series 6


If you want to gift them something special, then this would be on top of the medical student’s gift list. Who wouldn’t love to receive a luxurious smartwatch on their birthday? Whatever you do, you simply can’t go wrong with this one.

Not only is this gift cool and trendy, but it serves as a decent fitness tracker and can track up to 80 exercise modes. Besides that, medical students can keep track of important notifications without being around their phones all the time.

Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask With Earplugs


Most medical students and students, in general, recommend using these sleep masks when sharing rooms with others or living in a noisy household. Not being able to sleep properly would mean a drowsy day that they can’t afford.

These sleep masks help medical students to sleep better and take quick power naps and effectively focus on studies. This mask also comes with a pair of silicone earplugs that aid the light sleepers to nap more peacefully.

Giant Microbes Themed Gift Box


Even if they have grown up to become medical professionals, the nerdy childlike personality within them never dies. Bring a smile on their face and twinkle in their eyes by gifting them a pack of giant microbe plushies.

These microbe plushies are medically quite accurate and would fascinate and intrigue any medical student’s curiosity. They might deny it but, they would love to have some fun with these stress buster buddies.

“Cute Enough To Stop Your Heart, Skilled Enough To Restart It” Keychain


A funny and endearing gift for your girlfriend/ boyfriend in medical school that would bring a smile to their face. This simple yet elegant keyring engraved with a cute message is something they would love carrying around with them.

Chill Pill iPhone Case – Cute and Funny Gifts For Medical Students


This super cute chill pills phone case will always remind them to take it easy. A wonderful gift for any med student.

They would love to take these chill pills with them wherever they go. With a sturdy grip and soft silicone casing, this phone case is sure to get loads of compliments.

FlexiSpot Adjustable Exercise Bike Desk – Luxurious Gifts For Medical Students


With loads to study and exams to pass, med students may find it difficult to accommodate a workout routine in their schedule. Help them to take care of themselves without compromising on study time by gifting them this study-exercise desk.

Medical students can slide this cycling desk under their table and keep on exercising while studying. This would be a great way to keep them fit and active without a gym membership which people find hard to stick to.

Party Mix Variety Snack Pack Of 40 – Comfort Food For Medical Students


For all the late-night snack cravings they get while studying, this snack pack is a great gift for them. These snack packs are also available in various other flavors like the Doritos and Cheetos mix, Flamin’ Hot Variety Pack, Cheesy Mix, and many more.

Gift them this snack pack of 40 so that they can much on their all-time favorite snacks in their midnight snack break.

Funny Med School Student Graduation Gift For Future Doctor Shirt


A funny and relatable tee that any graduated med student would love and relate to. Besides being funny, this t-shirt would look cool on your friend in med school and would be correlated with other fellow doctors and students.

A medical student would love this as a gag gift that they can actually use and laugh about.

Folding Laptop Table For Bed And Sofa


For the cold winter mornings when they are feeling lazy and don’t want to get out of bed, you can bring them this folding laptop table for bed. Now they wouldn’t have to get out of bed to continue with their studies from the comfort of their own bed.

This bed table has ample space to easily accommodate all the essential stuff they would need for their studies, including an in-built iPhone and cell phone stand.

3M Littmann Stethoscope – Special Gifts For Medical Students


A good quality stethoscope is always like a doctor’s best friend and the same goes for medical students. In medical school, students learn how to effectively use this medical tool and how they can learn so much while examining the patients with it.

First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2022 – Med School Essentials


This book is recommended by so many medical students that I couldn’t help but put it on the list as it is one of the most essential books for med school. You can either gift the paperback or ebook version of this book to a medical student.

The 2021 version of this book has been updated and is quite better than the last one. It is a great book for med students as there are a lot of images and diagrams so that they can understand the texts better.

Shakespearean Insult Bandages – Useful and Funny Gifts For Medical Students


Looking for a funny Christmas stocking stuffer for a medical student then, there would be nothing funnier than this assorted bandage pack induced with Shakespearean insults.

Every time they accidentally cut themselves and look for a bandage in this pack they might end up on the floor laughing. A perfect gag gift to make their injuries a bit less painful.

Premium Suturing Skill Trainer Kit – Essential Medical School Gifts


Gift them a premium suturing trainer kit, so that they can practice the skill of suturing and get better at it. This kit contains all the tools and accessories that they would need for their practice.

It also has an extra piece of suturing pad that is curved and provides a real-life suturing experience for students to master this skill.

Professional Lab Coat For Medical Students Graduation Gifts


Their quest to become a doctor probably started when they first saw someone helping others, wearing this white coat. That is when the first sparks of passion began so that they too, can become worthy of this white coat.

Gift them this professional white coat that would fuel their inspiration to study and help people’s medical ailments and live a meaningful life.

Neurological Reflex Hammer with Built-in Brush


A reflex hammer is used by medical professionals and students to study deep tendon reflexes. Testing for reflexes is an important part of the neurological physical examination to detect abnormalities in the central or peripheral nervous system. 

Gift them a good quality hammer for their training in med school.

Apple AirPods Pro


Gift them this most sought-after piece of technology and be crowned with the title of their favorite person in the world.

An amazing option when they are traveling light and wouldn’t want to carry their headphones along.

Synthetic Leather Grey Laptop Backpack


A trendy-looking backpack that has enough space to carry all the medical school essentials would be a great gift for medical students. This bag has several compartments to keep their things organized and easily accessible.

Apart from aesthetics, the bag has other valuable features as well. Like an extra hidden zipper that acts as anti-theft protection for important things.

Men’s Three Pocket Scrub TOP


Wondering what to get someone starting med school? Well, you couldn’t go wrong on this one. Med school students wear a pair of scrubs all the while they are in med school and sometimes even when they transition to practicing.

Gift them a comfy yet fashionable pair of scrubs that will last them during the equally hard and exciting years of med school.

Blender with Blue Travel Sport Bottle


Help them to whip up the healthiest and nutritious smoothies within a few minutes. When running late, they can easily grab the travel bottle along and enjoy their favorite smoothie on the go.

The travel bottle lid is designed to provide a skid-free grip when carrying it around. It also has a carry hook which can be easily latched on their travel bag.

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