29 Swoon-worthy Moon Gifts that Will Land Them on the Moon

For some people, there is nothing more appealing than the beauty of the moon, and sometimes when they look up at the sky and see the moon shining at them, they can instantly feel a heartwarming connection with the cosmic world. From moon phase gifts to trendy moon lamps, here is a collection of moon gifts that all moon lovers are bound to enjoy.

“There’s something enchanted about the night. All those heavenly bodies, shooting stars, the crescent moon, celestial phenomenon.” 

—Luanne Rice

3D Moon Musical Crystal Ball with Wooden Base


Make their evenings more magical with this whimsical 3D moon crystal that rotates on top of a musical wooden box. Not only would they love to adorn their home with this beautiful and mesmerizing moon gift, but they would also love to spend some quiet time listening to its soothing melodies that would induce them with a sense of calm.

The base light adds a magnificent touch to the moon crystal ball and makes it a perfect keepsake for moon lovers.

Crescent Moon Shaped Garden Solar Light


Keep your guests in awe with this beautiful moon lamp that would light up your garden with its shimmering warm glow. The crescent moon lamp is intricately designed and has a transparent light ball in the center.

Easy to install and breathtakingly beautiful, this crescent moon gift would surely please any moon lover. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it is also energy-efficient and uses a solar lamp for power.

Moon Dream Catcher Boho Decor Wall Hanging


Woven around the moon and surrounded with magical fairy lights, this crescent moon dream catcher would bring a warm and cozy celestial charm to any space. Especially if they love the ongoing trend of bohemian home decor, this crescent moon boho artifact would be a much-coveted moon gift.

Most dreamcatchers are known to avoid bad dreams, but with this one, you are sure to have all your dreams come true.

Tree of Life Copper Wire Wrapped Crescent Moon Necklace


Moonlight is believed to have healing properties, and its exposure is known to relieve anxiety and stress according to ancient ayurvedic texts. Similarly, moonstones too, have a way of channeling your energies towards building inner growth and strength. Present this moon gift to help them in their spiritual journey and lead a more meaningful and calmer life.

This crescent moon stone is entwined with a tree of life that further balances the body, mind and soul.

Moon Phase Taper Candle Holder


Inspired by the moon phases, these candle holders are a fun way to summon the moon’s energies with a moon ritual and reconnect with your inner self. Not only would it make you feel better after a hard day at work, but also brighten up your mood along with your space when you light up a candle in this moon phase candle holder.

You can also use them to create a spooky theme Halloween party or as party favors for Halloween.

Moon-Star and Clouds Black Psychedelic Mountain Tapestry for Room


Add a touch of lunar vibes to your room with this moon and star tapestry and give your room a complete lunar makeover. The artwork on the tapestry is amazing and would act as a cool backdrop for any dull space.

A 4.7 rating from 4,515 users and over 200 reviews that can’t stop raving about how awesome the tapestry is, seems to indicate that this tapestry could be a considerable moon gift for your moon lover.

Gold Handmade Moon Phase Wall Hanging – Moon Phase Gifts for Her


Moon phase gifts are always something that adds a sense of spirituality while imparting a deeper sense of change in the universal world. Hang this beautifully handmade moon phase artifact somewhere you meditate or want to feel the lunar energies evoke a sense of calm within you.

A wonderful way to decorate your space with a meaningful piece of art that holds meaning to you.

Geo Moon Light Sculpture


Cosmic moonlight sculpture for a space that’s all their own. Made from bent gold wire wrapped with twinkly firefly lights. Easy to hang on any wall with an attached battery pack!

A glowing crescent moon brings celestial energy to your space and enhances the homey vibes.

Rotating Moon


For anyone who wants to feel the moon up close, this rotating moon would be a real treat. Just place it somewhere it can get some direct sunlight (or any other source of light) and it will keep on rotating on its own for hours to come. A fascinating sight to watch for anyone who is attracted by the mysteries of the moon.

Crescent Moon Shaped Mirror for Moon Decor


With this crescent moon mirror, they would always be reminded of their passion for the cosmic world. Covered with a moon-like surface, this mirror imitates the beauty of a crescent moon and is a wonderful artifact for your dressing room or as a piece of moon-themed decor.

Not only would this be a unique moon gift, but would also resonate with moon lovers who yearn to reach for the moon every day.

Handmade Modern Mini Flower Plant Holder for Home Office Desk


A crescent moon-shaped succulent planter that would bring in a piece of nature with it. Since anyone who loves the moon appreciates nature as well and would absolutely cherish having this metallic planter. Like looking at the moon, a bit of greenery around also does a great job to induce a sense of calm within us.

This crescent moon gift would be deeply appreciated by a moon lover and can have multiple functionalities.

Moon Phase Runner Bath Mat


A moon phase runner to instantly turn any space into a bohemian abode. Lined up with tassels and compact enough to fit all spaces, this moon phase rug would up any space like a full moon. A great piece for moon lovers to personalize and make any place their own.

Use it as a bath mat or a cute rug for room decor, it is sure to add a subtle pop of color to your room.

Moon Phase Copper Windchimes


Imagine waking up to the peaceful sound of this moon phase chiming bells and sleeping with the view of moonlight shimmering through the window on its copper plates.

This delicate moon related gift is a wonderful addition to any moon lover’s room.

Crescent Moon Shaped Garland for Festive Decor


Want to give Christmas a lunar twist? Then this crescent moon garland would do the job for you. Decorated with pastel-colored flowers, this garland would add a pinch of color to your Christmas or fall decor.

If you are giving this garland as a Christmas gift, pair it with this cute moon-themed Christmas tree ornament.

Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp


For moon lovers, here is the infamous rock salt lamp trend with a twist. Carved in the shape of a crescent moon and attached to a wooden base, this moon lamp is going to be a real swoon-worthy gift.

Create an ambiance of calm and peace in your bedroom and induce a peaceful deep sleep with this Moon-shaped Himalayan salt lamp.

3D Visual Full Moon Gradient Puzzle


To keep themselves entertained, moon lovers love to gaze at the moon. But, for the days when the sky isn’t clear, or the moon is hidden from their sight, they can keep themselves fascinated with this moon puzzle. A great moon gift for adults and kids alike who love to solve puzzles and talk about the moon.

This thousand-piece puzzle would be a visual treat for a moon lover once they solve it. So they can even showcase their hard work to their friends by getting it framed and displaying it in their personal spaces.

Man On The Moon Incense Holder + Ashtray Set


Summon the lunar energies of the moon to bless you with good health and prosperity with this modern incense holder. People who meditate would love to receive a moon gift such as this one. Add a pack of incense stick with this lunar incense holder set so they can cleanse the aura of their space while meditating or doing moon rituals.

This vintage-themed incense holder is a funky piece of decor and art that a moon lover would love to showcase.

Blue Moon Glow In The Dark Pendant


Another one of those cool moon-themed jewelry that would be a great moon gift for her.

This glow-in-the-dark necklace would never fail to fascinate her, just like the way the moon never fails to amaze and attract all moon lovers.

This would not only be a piece of charming jewelry that she owns but also something that guides her during her hard times and reminds her of her inner strength.

Almost as beautiful as the moon, this blue moon pendant would certainly earn her a lot of compliments for its sheer beauty.

925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings for Moon Lovers


Want to gift her something cute for this valentine and make her feel super special? Then these sterling silver moon earrings are going to be a definite win for you.

With a number of cute patterns and designs, these earring are a perfect moon gift for every lady on your list.

Sun and Moon Book & iPad Sleeve


Tap into the cosmic world of unlimited possibilities and dreams with this sun and moon book sleeve. A celestial sun, moon, and star embroidered iPad cover that would positively be a conversation starter and would let everyone know how crazy you are about the cosmic world.

moon gifts for her

Moon Buddy Plush Toy for Kids and Adults


For people who want to have everything and the moon, this moon plushie is something they would deeply adore. They would always have a moon pal who would never get bored of listening to their moon-related talks and would definitely never dare to interrupt them.

Gift this moon buddy to a long-distance friend or relative to make their day a memorable one.

Ceramic Moon Shape Jewelry Dish Organizer


A moon gift for her that would catch it all and keep her things organized while also being a cutesy addition to her room decor. Use it as a jewelry dish, or a tray to hold your keys and other trinkets. Available in two different colors(black and white) and also as a pair of both options.

Dotted with star-like golden dots that enhance its beauty, the moon-shaped dish would be a great moon gift for her.

Phases Of The Moon Headboard – Moon Phase Gift for Her


Channel the lunar energies into your life with this chic moon phase headboard. A great way to botch up your room decor and give it a boho vibe is with this chic metallic moon-themed headboard. It can also be used for various other decor purposes for your home or office.

Featuring the moon cycles this headboard is would always be a gentle reminder of the changes that come in your life.

Moon Aromatherapy Fragrance Diffuser & Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


Want the moon to light up all the corners of your room every single day and fill it with its calm and quiet vibes? Then this aromatherapy moon-themed humidifier is a great way to energize your home with some lunar energies.

This moon theme diffuser can last up to 9 hours with a full tank and has two different color modes to best suit your mood.

Moon Starry Sky Lightweight Alternative Reversible Comforter and Bedding Set


Moon lovers would surely dive into the starry world of dreams with this cozy set of moon-themed bedding. With a cozy feel and a moon patterned print, this bedding would be a great addition to any young space lover’s room decor who adores exploring the cosmic world.

Here is another cooler alternate version of this moon and stars gift that stargazers would love.

Sterling Silver and Solid Gold Moonstone ‘Cleo+Mio’ Ring Set


A cool antique-looking moonstone ring set that would crown you as her best person.

The astounding craftsmanship and an impeccable solid gold rose studded alongside the moon make this ring seems otherworldly.

If she’s really into sterling silver gifts, there is also another alternative option available that she would surely find pretty.

The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life


A deep dive into some quirky and informative facts about the moon along with some modern witchcraft rituals that would help any spiritual seeker to attain a path to conscious living.

Hand-Painted Moon Phases Black Sweatshirt


For the one who lives by the cycles of the moon and delves into the realms of space, this moon phase hoodie would be a great gift. Exquisitely hand-painted and star-studded, this hoodie would make them feel as warm and cozy as they feel while they gaze at the moon.

If you are looking for cool moon phase gifts for her, then this sweatshirt would be a great option to go for. Alternatively, you can also go for this hand-painted moon phase jacket.

Moon Ice Ball Gray Mold – Moon Gift for Him


A quirky fun moon gift that would surely fascinate a moon lover who is always eager to collect every moon trinket they can get their hands on. This moon ice ball mold can be used for molding moon chocolates or moon-shaped ice balls for a fun theme party.

A great stocking stuffer or gag gift for space enthusiasts and moon lovers.

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