37 Awesome Pig Gifts For Pig Lovers They Can’t Resist

Looking for the cutest pig gifts for pig lovers that would always keep them in awe of this adorable farm animal? Then, look no further because here you would find the most appealing and lovable pig gifts that a pig lover could ever want.

From rare and unique pig-themed collectibles to extremely useful pig gifts, you are going to get all the budget-friendly and premium pig gifts in this post. So read away to find your favorite one.

POP Bobblehead Car Dashboard Decoration Toys


A cute bobblehead figure that is sure to make an impression on a pig lover. Gift them one of these bobbleheads or order an entire pack and watch their face light up with a big smile.

These lovely bobbleheads would brighten any dull corner in their home. Great for adding a playful theme to their car dashboard, study, or work desk.

Pig gifts for pig lovers

Decorative Pig Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Holder Stand


What better way to spice up your meal than this adorably amusing salt and pepper holder? This cheerful pig would be the talk of every dinner party that they are ever going to have.

Being a pig lover, there is absolutely no reason for them not to love this adorable piece of collectible.

Plush Stuffed Pig Pillow


Gift a pig lover this cute stress buster to lighten up their day. If they are the ones who secretly wish Santa for cute pig gifts every Christmas then, you can be their secret Santa and fulfill their wish by gifting them this plush pillow.

What if they can’t have a real pig as a pet? This stuffed pig plushie is as good as a real one. Apart from listening to their rants, this pet pal would always be their partner in crime.

Pig gifts for pig lovers

Pig Head Figurine Hanging Tissue Holder


This tissue holder is surely the coolest gift on this list of pig gifts. If you are looking for funny gag gifts for pig lovers then, this is the thing you should go for.

Add a dash of humor to their kitchen with this low poly pig tissue holder. Whether used as a towel holder or a tissue dispenser, this amusing figurine would complement their modern home decor.

Premium Happy Feet Unisex Pig Slippers


They would never feel as relaxed and comfy in any other pair of footwear as they feel in these cozy pig slippers. Help them keep the chill away with these snug velvety slippers that they wouldn’t want to take off.

The slippers have a thick lining and rise to the ankles to keep their feet warm and comfy. Also, the rubber base is one inch thick so and offers an anti-skid feature.

Pig gifts for music lovers

Cute Pig Mini Airpods Cover Case with Keychain and Wireless Charging


Bored of those dull AirPods cases and want to gift something completely unexpected? Then this furry, cozy, and cutesy mini AirPods case would surprise them most adorably.

The plush design of this cute pig AirPods case would prevent the AirPods charging case from any scratches or damage.

Pig gifts for pig owners

Flying Pig Room D├ęcor Dual Color LED Neon Sign


Available in multiple colors, this piece of aesthetic would be one of the best items in a pig lover’s collection. This flying pig neon sign that is equally cute and chic would be a great addition to their home decor.

If you are looking for cool pig gifts for a pig lover under $100 then this one would make it to the list.

Pig gifts for pig lover decor

Benji New Velvet Pig Ottoman


Gift a pig lover this gorgeous velvet pig ottoman so that they can make their home decor to an entirely different level. This ottoman is super chic and would definitely be asked about by friends and family.

This piece of furniture would not only reflect their personality but would also show how much they love pigs.

pig gifts for kids

Cute & Funny Pig Door Stopper


Wait for no gentleman to hold the door for you when you can have this cute piggy to do the job for you.

Strong and sturdy, this pig would not be just a fancy piece of decor but would be very useful. This pig can also be used for room decor and as a bookend for book lovers.

funny pig gifts

YolkPig Silicone Egg Separator


A funny but pretty practical gift for pig lovers. Bring this new kitchen toy into a pig lover’s kitchen and they will be equally amused and astonished with how useful this kitchen gadget is.

Made of silicone, this cute pig egg separator comes in quite handy when they have kids or even grown-up kids who don’t like having egg yolk. Make a pig lover’s task easy with this cutesy egg separator.

cute pig gifts

Adorable Teacup Pig Pet Pals Collectible Figurine Cute Pig Gifts


Pig lovers are crazy about collecting all sorts of pig things. Gift a pig lover this pig teacup figurine and make this a new addition to their pig collection. The beautiful craftsmanship of this decor piece makes the piglet seem so alive and realistic that sometimes, you might have to do a double-take just to be sure that it’s not a real pig.

Bring this whimsical farm animal gift into your pig lover’s life and make them smile on their special occasion.

Pig Gifts for Pig Lovers & Resin Garden Decorations


Adorn a pig lover’s garden with this cute pig-figured solar lamp and turn their garden into an enchanted abode. Since the figure is equipped with photosensors, the lamp will automatically light up during the night and turn off with the first light of the day.

This kitschy figure is a great gift for pig lovers and gardeners who love to spend a lot of their time in their gardens. A cute and funny decor piece of decor that would be a delightful gift for pig lovers.

Pig Head Mortar – Stone Bowl and Pestle


Is your pig lover a guacamole fan too? Then, this pig head mortar and mortar is the best blend of a guacamole and a pig lover’s gift.

The mortar is curved on the inside to help perfectly blend in the flavors and has three legs to support the base. Both the mortar and the pestle are made of porous volcanic rock that has a rough surface and thus provides a perfect grip.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier For Pig Lovers


If you feel that just gifting pig collectibles does not seem fulfilling enough, then gift them a pig gift that they’ll use. This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is designed to please a pig lover while also achieving its functionality.

Its unique design adds an unseen advantage of having a large water tank so that the humidifier can last up to 24 hours. The humidifier’s power can be seen in its efficiency to run smoothly and without making any noticeable noise.

Men’s Pig Over London Pink Floyd Tee


A cool t-shirt to flaunt your style and your love for pigs. This flying pig t-shirt sports a cool London cityscape graphic and is a perfect gift for any Pink Floyd fan.

Here’s another cool funny pig t-shirt for a pig lover.

Pink Pig Whistling Kettle For Pig Lovers


If your pig lover loves tea as well then, this is a perfect gift you can present them with. This ceramic pig-themed kettle would make some quite nostalgic memories for them when they have tea with their loved ones.

It would probably bring a smile to their face when they hear the whistle blow. There are many other kettle options available if you are looking for any specific animal lover gifts.

Pig Shaped Ceramic Bowl


This ceramic pig-shaped bowl is available in two sizes and would make a great housewarming gift for any pig lover. They can even stock up on this little pig, their favorite healthy snack, and indulge their midnight cravings.

This adorable pig-shaped bowl would be a great addition to their dining accessories and could also be used as a serving bowl.

Amusing Washing Pig Statue Ornament Home And Garden Decor


A pig gift that not only makes them laugh but also is a lovely addition to their bathroom decor. Also a brushing companion for kids and an amusing figure for adults.

This amusing figurine is sure to amuse both adults and young pig lovers alike.

Pig Scrubby Holder & Non-scratch Dish Scrubber


Want to give them pig gifts that they can instantly picture themselves using? Then, this cute and trendy pig scrubby holder is a wonderful gift for a pig lover.

It comes with a scratch-resistant nylon dish scrubber that fits perfectly within the scrubber’s mouth that is big enough to fit any other kind of scrubber too.

Glazed Ceramic Pig Serving Plates and Spreader


What’s better than getting served on your favorite pig-shaped plate? Their hunger for pig stuff would never end but probably the food served on this plate would please both their tummy and heart.

Gift your pig lover this set of serving plates and a spreader that you know they will only bring out for their extremely special guest. Who knows, maybe they even serve you in this beautiful piece of crockery when you visit them next time.

Ceramic Pig Coffee Mug – Pig Gifts For Coffee and Pig Lovers


This pig gift would get you nothing but a big thank you from a thrilled pig lover. Most probably, even they would be tired of getting those old-fashioned printed mugs that they secretly feel like returning. But they wouldn’t even want to share this cutie with their loved ones.

Not only would this mug make their coffee time super fun, but would also make their eyes twinkle with delight.

Ceramic Piglet Pot -Succulent Planter For Pig Lovers


An intricately designed succulent planter that is sure to wow your pig lover. This ceramic planter is painted in vibrant colors with beautiful art patterns. For better drainage, this pot comes with a hole drilled at the bottom so that your succulents can bloom stress-free.

This pig pot is not only a beautiful accessory for their home decor but would also add a personality to their garden.

Funny Pig Bookends – Pig Lover Gifts


Add a rustic vintage look to their bookshelf with this innovative pig bookend. A cute piece of decor that is sure to earn at least a few compliments from their guest.

This is another of these pig gifts that surprise as well amuses their receiver. Made of terracotta this bookend is quite sturdy and would offer appropriate support without falling over.

Bacon Nation Pulled Pork Slow Cooker


If your pig lover loves to cook as well then, this slow cooker is the best gift you can give them. Not only is it much more efficient than an oven but also more environmentally friendly as it takes a very minimal amount of energy to run.

Give them the pleasure to enjoy cozy bbq parties at home without much hassle. Gift them this adorable pig slow cooker so that they can whip up delicious meals at home and maybe invite you over as well.

Kissing Piggy Couple Magnetic Keychains


Available in two different color combinations, this gorgeous pair of keychains would be a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, who is a pig lover. The best part of buying this as a gift is that you too get to keep a lovely keychain.

An appealing pig gift that they’ll always carry around remembering you. Made of good quality material and a strong magnet, this pair of keychains is a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one.

Tiny Crystal Pig Hand Blown Clear Glass Pig Figurine


A heartwarming pig collectible that would be an ideal stocking stuffer for any pig lover. This glass-blown pig is handcrafted with the finest details to make it seem almost life-like. The glass figurine also has a pinkish hue similar to the skin color of pigs which adds more to its beauty.

Surprise a pig lover with this cute pig figurine which they will always love to keep at their bedside.

Pudgy Pal Pig-Shaped Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Unleash their party animal with this pudgy pig pal. Not only is this one of the coolest pig gifts a pig lover could receive, but this pig also has the superpower to turn any dull party into fun.

Let them steal the show with the coolest portable Bluetooth speaker yet. If they love having outdoor parties then, this pig speaker would be the biggest hit for them.

Pig Wooden Desk Calendar

Vintage Animal Pig Wooden Perpetual Desk Calendar


This wooden pig calendar would make them ditch their old ones and bring a vintage charm to your home decor.

Cute Pig Shape USB Pendrive – Cute Pig Gifts For Pig Lovers


Your pig lover wouldn’t want to own a dull-looking pendrive when they can own their favorite pig-themed one. Available in two different storage sizes, this pig USB drive comes in a cute little gift box to make it convenient for gifting purposes.

This could be a great gift for any pig lover who loves to collect cute pig things or is currently working from home.

Unisex Pig Hooded Bath Robe


Ditch those bland and dull bathrobes when you can gift them this super soft and comfy bathrobe.

Especially a pig lover would enjoy this particular pig-hooded bathrobe. Great for indulging in those relaxing spa days at home with a friend or family.

Pamper them with this cute bathrobe that they’ll absolutely love and would surely use after a calming bath to bust the stress of a wearisome day.

The cute pig hoody adds a nice playful touch to the entire bathrobe and would provide great comfort on chilly winter days.

Cute Novelty Pig Sleeping Sleep Mask For Kids And Adults


A fun pig sleep mask to make their sleep time more fun and entertaining. This sleep mask is designed with the coziest fabric to provide the utmost comfort and the most peaceful sleep.

The flexible elastic strap is made to fit just perfectly around the head without causing any strain. Give them this sleep mask so that they can have the most calming nights of sleep and the most refreshing mornings.

Cute Pig Kids Bedding Set Queen


Which pig lover wouldn’t love to get back home to this refreshing and charming bed? This cute pig bedding set could easily add a pop of color to their room and give it a new look.

Moreover, the soft texture of the fabric provides a soothing and homey feel to their bed. A pig lover is sure to wake up with a big smile on their face among these pigs.

Standing Pen Case – Funny Pig Gifts For Pig Lover Kids


Surprise your granddaughter or daughter with this funny standing pig case. She would not only love to stuff this with her stationary but would make it a part of back-to-school accessories as well.

This pen case is quite spacious and can hold a lot of stuff. Just by simply pushing down at the bottom, the base is flattened and the case is converted into a pen holder. Now, it would be much easier to place this pen case on a study table or an office desk.

The inside of the pig head also has a strap to hold erasers or small pencil sharpeners so that this pig’s owner can keep their stuff organized.

Rubber Hot Water Bottles Pain Relief with Cute Faux Fur Pig Cover


Is your pig lover always cold? Then this hot water bag would help them get the feeling back in their toes. It does not only help them to keep warm but also relieves the pain. The heat from the bag soothes the nerves and encourages muscles to relax thus helping in faster recovery and pain relief.

This cute hot water bag comes with a cute pig faux cover that prevents burnout in case of excessive heat release from the bag.

Shatterproof Piggy Bank For Kids

H&W Store

Surprise your young pig lover with a cute piggy bank. We all know that all good habits start at home. Imbibe young ones with the good habit of saving and using money judiciously.

This piggy bank is shatterproof so no worries about kids breaking it open or getting hurt.

Pink Peppa Pig Backpack For Pig Lovers


This super cute backpack is for all the stuff they like to carry around and couldn’t leave the house without. A great Christmas gift for all your school-going Peppa pig lover kids, grandkids, niece, and nieces.

Pig Themed Insulated Tumbler


Let alone pig lovers, anyone who loves cute stuff would want to carry this around while enjoying their drink.

This adorable pig-themed tumbler is highly insulated and would help with temperature control and thus, keeping their drinks at a desirable temperature.

Available in a variety of products, ranging from mugs to glass sets and several different sizes, this innovative pig gift would surely impress any pig lover.

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